Introducing The XenSpec Blog!


Welcome to the XenSpec blog! Through this blog, our team of sysadmins will share their knowledge surrounding datacenter operations, systems administration, networking, and more. We’re a hosting company headquartered in Chicago, with several PoPs in the United States. We’re happy to be sharing our knowledge and experiences through this new platform.

New guides, technical articles, and datacenter content will be posted weekly. We aim to provide quality content for both our customers, and the occasional blog reader. This blog will serve as both a source of news, and a knowledge-base for anyone’s reference. In addition to this, we’ll also occasionally showcase behind-the-scenes datacenter fun! We hope you enjoy blinking lights, there’s no lack of any in our plans!

Our team of administrators will be happy to interact with any comments. Interested in something we haven’t written about? We’ll be more than happy to take suggestions! Our team is ready for this exciting undertaking, and we hope it’s something you can take away from.

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